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Il nostro caro Minestrone

Minestrone 1


Dear Foodies! Today has arrived the time for a great Italian classic: the minestrone. The recipe has been sent by our dear Mafi. Good and ideal for every moment and seasons, especially in winter and seasonal changes. Full of vitamins, light and very tasty. Ready? Here’s to you Mafi’s Minestrone  😉 Read more

Zucchini Filled With Cuddles



Hi Foodies! Here is another recipe of our Mafi. Yummy and perfect for so many occasions. These zucchini will make you dream and will make you have a very good mood. Serve with some salad, rice or baked potatoes. Perfect to warm you in a Autumn day.  And if you offer them in a dinner at home … your guests will be delighted . They are first-class cuddles! 😉 Read more

Gnocchetti with a special Zucchini Sauce



Hello Foodies ! Today another pasta recipe. Different from the classic pasta recipes and very tasty. I hope you’ll like it. Made with vegetable and a sweet touch with raisins. And for a not vegetarian version with a crispy touch of bacon. An original recipe and very refreshing. Enjoy your meal! Read more

The Multicolor Salted Cake



Hello Foodies! Today here’s to you another cake. Dedicated to the lovers of vegetables and cheese. Ideal for every occasion and very easy to do. This time you can also choose which vegetables to put in. I love and use peppers for their flavor and color and I added zucchini and eggplant. But! if you want you can vary with other vegetables. You know it … May the creativity be with you! 😉 Read more

The “Reticolato”




Hello Foodies! Today I present another recipe from a friend of Foodies. She is a true Roman, with a special taste and love for cooking, something she had learned from her grandmother and from her own  experimentation in her kitchen. She has amazing blue eyes and an incredible smile! Her husband is the perfect accomplice in the kitchen because tastes and eats everything, judges, applauses but also helps to clean and cook! The recipe is very tasty and simple. She invented it and he gave it the name: “Netting” or “Reticolato”  because it is a network of zucchini accompanied by cherry tomatoes. You will see how your friends will applause you because the result is a perfect vegetable side dish. Very tasty and also colorful. Read more

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