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Tasty Endives Salad



Hi Foodies! How are you doing today? Here there is to you a very easy recipe for a tasty and fresh sala. Made with endives , tuna and yogurt. It’s even more tasty thanks to nuts, olives and sundried tomatoes . Yummy! If you prepare it like it is in the picture … you’ll see how it remains really beautiful … so it is ideal for a dinner party when your friends come for dinner 😉 Read more

Hamantaschen Sweets



Hi Foodies! Today it’s a real pleasure to present this recipe. It is handmade biscuits done by none other than a 9 year old girl named Stella. She is really a little lovely star (stella means star in Italian) and her hands cook magically. This recipe and the cookies in the picture are her own. It’s a Hebrew recipe and the Stella has learned it in school. This cookies are used for Purim but since we are now in the middle of Hanukkah we take this opportunity to wish a Happy Hanukkah! I’m really proud to propose you this Hamantaschen cookies … With so much tenderness and sympathy from our younger foodie! Thanks Stella 😉 Read more

Apple Caprices

Apple Caprices


Hello Foodies ! How are you? Here we are with another recipe sent by our  friend ” bsa ” . As usual, he cooked a sweet and savory specialty. It is a particular apple, with a salty touch, crunchy and soft. Really good! And you can cook it in the barbecue or in the oven. Try it ! 😉 Read more

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