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Gourmand Crostino with Brie



Hello Foodies! Today an easy recipe, fast and ideal for any time. As a snack, as an appetizer, as finger food, as an appetizer or for your home edition of the happy hour. Sweet and salty with a type of cheese that the  foodies like so much: The Brie. Bon appetit! 😉 Read more

London Salad

London Salad


Hi Foodies! Today is a perfect day to make a salad. Hete the summer has arrived and we are having very hot days so now so the mood wants something tasty but fresh. So here’s to you a salad that reminds me of my time in London. That is why I called it London Salad.

Perfect with a fresh beer or a glass of Prosecco … Cheers! 😉 Read more

The salted cake for any ocasion

Salted Cake



Hello Foodies! Today another quick and easy recipe. It’s a simple rustic vegetables and cheese cake that can  solve a dinner at the last moment, you can eat it the next day at work or use it to cuddle you while watching a good movie or a game, to eat in a spring or summer picnic … You can eat at any moment! It saves you on every occasion  😉 Read more

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