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Grandma Tita’s fried potatoes



Hi Foodies! Today I have the pleasure to present to you a recipe of fried potatoes … fried with water! Aha ! Surprised ? Well ! Let’s say that …  if you’ve never done so … you will be surprised to know and see that are fried with oil and water . The result is really crispy , light and tasty. Here is to you the recipe of the perfect fried potatoes of Grandma Mary, the grandmother of our dear Mafi . Have fun cooking them ! 😉 Read more

Melted Feta With Fresh Herbs



Hello Foodies! Today, another little recipe to add to your barbecue (but you can also do it in the oven). You can use it as an appetizer while waiting for the meat … done slowly over the fire. Like the ” pear and apple Caprices” this is another recipe of our dear ” bsa ” who loves to do lots of barbecues with recipes full of imagination and great effect. I hope that soon he will send more recipes… in the meantime, try this delicious aromatic cheese! We dedicate this recipe to Rike , Emil and Lotti 😉 Read more

London Salad

London Salad


Hi Foodies! Today is a perfect day to make a salad. Hete the summer has arrived and we are having very hot days so now so the mood wants something tasty but fresh. So here’s to you a salad that reminds me of my time in London. That is why I called it London Salad.

Perfect with a fresh beer or a glass of Prosecco … Cheers! 😉 Read more

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