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Exotic Island Rice Salad



Hi Foodies! Here is to you another tasty recipe from our dear chef and collaborator Sandy from the Mauritius Islands. A delightful salad that has wonderful blend of flavours and colors. Are you ready to turn a simple rice salad in a truly exotic and spectacular meal? So go for it! Read more

Italian Countryside Soup



Hi Foodies ! Here we go again. Today our first soup. Another fantastic Mafi’s recipe. Comfort Food to cuddle mind and body. Perfect for the arrival of the first cold weather. A soup full of nutrients and flavor. Protein, vegetables, legumes … ideal for helping the body to survive the season change and warm up on a day of rain and cold. The addition of “Guanciale” (bacon from the pig cheek  /dont add if you want vegetarian recipe) and Parmigiano are the final touch to make this soup a full summary of the Italian countryside and its products 😉 Read more

A Divine Risotto



Hello Foodies ! Here we are again. Today a perfect recipe for this crazy weather that arrives with the autumn. A gorgeous risotto with gorgonzola cheese, pears and walnuts. Yummy! It is perfect after a long day of rain or a hard work day . The sweet taste of the pears , the creaminess of the cheese and the crunchy touch of the walnuts matches incredibly. Ah! And don’t forget the toasted bacon ( not for the vegetarian version ) makes it really … Divine !!!! Read more

Blood Orange and Saffron Risotto



Hi Foodies! Today I introduce to you the first recipe of risotto. Very tasty. Made with red oranges, saffron and a shy touch of Parmigiano cheese. The result is fresh, light and sooooo fragrant. Easy to make and perfect for conquering your friends when you invite them to dinner. A perfect first course! Hope you like it! Read more

Oriental Chicken

oriental chicken


I hope you’ll like it! This is one of our favorite dishes at home. Easy, tasty and has an ethnic touch. It is perfect for those days on which you want to eat something different . This recipe is just for one. So if you want to cook for more people just multiply the quantity of all ingredients for the number of people. Read more

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