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Red Peppers Stuffed with Mediterrean Love



Hi Foodies! Here we are again. We follow the trail of the new Valentine’s Day which will arrive in a few days . Red !!!! The color of passion and love. So today we present you some nice red peppers stuffed with Mediterranean love. Feta cheese, Greek olives, oregano , olive oil , cumin … all ingredients that evoke the Mediterranean culture. So here’s to you these juicy and tasty peppers. Bon Apetit ! Read more

The Multicolor Salted Cake



Hello Foodies! Today here’s to you another cake. Dedicated to the lovers of vegetables and cheese. Ideal for every occasion and very easy to do. This time you can also choose which vegetables to put in. I love and use peppers for their flavor and color and I added zucchini and eggplant. But! if you want you can vary with other vegetables. You know it … May the creativity be with you! 😉 Read more

Argentine Empanadas



Hello Foodies! Today a new recipe from Argentina. This time: “Empanadas”, one of the most important symbols of Argentine gastronomy. There are so many recipes and types of fillings for them. Today I present a simple and classic recipe. A baked empanadas version, lighter! Delicious and perfect for a very nice evening with family and friends. Once you have tasted the empanadas you will never want to stop eating.  Soooooo Good! 😉 Read more

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