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Il nostro caro Minestrone

Minestrone 1


Dear Foodies! Today has arrived the time for a great Italian classic: the minestrone. The recipe has been sent by our dear Mafi. Good and ideal for every moment and seasons, especially in winter and seasonal changes. Full of vitamins, light and very tasty. Ready? Here’s to you Mafi’s Minestrone  😉 Read more

Velvet Pumpkin Cream



Hello Foodies! Today is the time for a creamy soup made ​​with pumpkin. Good , colorful and very tasty. Perfect for winter! Another recipe sent by our dear collaborator Mafi. She always insist to use organic and good quality products. Who cooks with well chosen and qualified products, has already solved half part of the recipe! Holy Words ! 😉 Read more

Grandma Tita’s fried potatoes



Hi Foodies! Today I have the pleasure to present to you a recipe of fried potatoes … fried with water! Aha ! Surprised ? Well ! Let’s say that …  if you’ve never done so … you will be surprised to know and see that are fried with oil and water . The result is really crispy , light and tasty. Here is to you the recipe of the perfect fried potatoes of Grandma Mary, the grandmother of our dear Mafi . Have fun cooking them ! 😉 Read more

Liguria’s Green

Pasta Pesto


Hello Foodies! Today we present a nice and fresh pasta recipe from Liguria (region in the north of Italy). Really good! Another recipe sent by Mafi. The freshness of the pesto with the addition of potatoes and green beans are perfect for any season of the year … but really ideal for summer! It’s a great plate with a perfect mix of flavors and a lovely refreshing green color… Liguria’s Green! 😉 Read more

Baked Rosemarine Potatoes




Hello Foodies! Here there is a small but very tasty recipe, perfect  as a side dish for different kind of dishes. Simple! Baked potatoes. Cut into slices and with rosemary. Good, genuine and rustic. Classic country flavor. Classic recipe that reminds you those Sundays with the family. Read more

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