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A Christmas Salmon



Hi Foodies! Here’s to you a recipe of a new collaborator: Gianni. A special man who loves to eat and cook. Perfect Foodie! He proposes an appetizer for Christmas made ​​with smoked salmon and pomegranate. The grains of this fruit remind us the red color of Christmas time and the beauty of the balls of the Christmas tree . Indeed! This appetizer is perfect also presented as a small Christmas tree. The touch of lemon yellow and green chives give the final touch to create a perfect fish appetizer.  Fast, easy , light and very tasty. Dedicated to Gianni and Carletto. Bon Apetit ! 😉 Read more

Persephone’s Cup Cakes

Cup Cake



Dear Foodies ! Today I just made my first Cup Cake . The truth is that I had never made them before ​​but since my muffins are good I just thought… why not? The temptation that I had every time I went to buy fruit at the market were the amazing big pomegranates . What an incredible fruit! Attractive, exotic,  red passionate color and tasty flavor. Such a special fruit that in Greek mythology the goddess Persephone was not able to resist to eat some pomegranate grains. And so between the temptations of fruit and ancient tales … it popped out my Cup Cake Persephone , pomegranate and chocolate. Let groped ! Read more

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