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The Gricia!

Gricia 1


Hello dear foodies! Today it’s time to dedicate our recipe to a classic Italian excellence. The Gricia! Also known as the white Amatriciana, for the absence of the tomato inside. In fact, the Gricia seems to be born before the pasta Amatriciana when the shepherds (nearby Rome) brought with them Guanciale (local type of bacon), Pecorino cheese, pasta and pepper to make a quick and satisfying dish of pasta. Beautiful, delicious, flavorful and peppery. Very tasty!!! One of the ingredients that make this recipe is the Guanciale, a local pig cheek bacon . The other … the sheep cheese: the Pecorino! The recipe has been sent by a Roman restaurant in the popular neighborhood of San Giovanni. Thanks Leon! We hope you’ll  enjoy it! 😉 Read more

Fusilli with Rocket Salad and Cherry Tomatoes sauce

Pasta Rocket salad sauce


Hello Foodies! Here’s another recipe sent by Mafi . A nice sauce made of Rocket salad, cherry tomatoes and pine nuts. Fresh, green and very special . Easy and quick to do. Ideal as a first course 😉 Read more

Pennette with Pesto and Fresh Cherry Tomatoes



Hello Foodies!

Here we are with another recipe for pasta. Pesto and fresh cherry tomatoes pennette. Good! Easy and quick to do. Tasty, fresh and very Italian. Ideal for any occasion. Read more

Tagliatelle with smoked salmon



This is an easy recipe, fast and very tasty. With a little omega 3 and perfect for lovers of salmon.  It is great for a lunch or dinner dedicated to fish. The ingredients of this recipe are perfect for two people that eat it as a main course (large portion) or for four people who eat the pasta as an appetizer (small portion). Read more

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