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Little Forest Mushrooms



Hi Foodies! How are you? Today a very pretty and simple recipe. As you liked so much the penguins finger food (see recipe ” the penguins of laure ” , in the finger food section) now is the time to introduce the mushrooms of the forest. They are simple to make and are also perfect to surprise your friends with a nice appetizer or a side dish . What else! ? The kids will love them !!! It is the perfect recipe to do with the little ones at home … so they will eat healthy … with a touch of creativity đŸ˜‰ Read more

Palmitos with Golf Sauce



Hello Foodies! Here we go again. Sorry for the delay!

As I have seen that you like very simple recipes and also ideal for parties and aperitifs there you have and easy recipe: palmitos! Are the hearts of the palm trees that you can eat in a salad, alone or with a good sauce.

Are fresh, crisp and very light. Are not so known out from America as it is an original product from Ecuador, Argentina and Brazil. So, for those who do not know them yet, here’s another idea for your menu. Read more

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