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Exotic Island Rice Salad



Hi Foodies! Here is to you another tasty recipe from our dear chef and collaborator Sandy from the Mauritius Islands. A delightful salad that has wonderful blend of flavours and colors. Are you ready to turn a simple rice salad in a truly exotic and spectacular meal? So go for it! Read more

Summer Parmigiana Tower



Hi Foodies! How are you? Here today I took courage to finally this recipe again, just for you!.  The 30th recipe! Why have I needed courage? Because the last time I did it was my birthday, I had guests for dinner and unfortunately when I was taking the Parmigiana from the oven … Spam! I slipped from my hands and fell all over the ground … In front of everyone! What can I say?! I’m getting old…:-D

However, it is one of my specialties, and this time I won…because it was really good!

This is a light summer version for the hottest periods of the year. I looooooove it! Read more

Argentine Empanadas



Hello Foodies! Today a new recipe from Argentina. This time: “Empanadas”, one of the most important symbols of Argentine gastronomy. There are so many recipes and types of fillings for them. Today I present a simple and classic recipe. A baked empanadas version, lighter! Delicious and perfect for a very nice evening with family and friends. Once you have tasted the empanadas you will never want to stop eating.  Soooooo Good! 😉 Read more

Dakos from Crete



Hello Foodies!


Summer approaches here and it’s easy to begin to dream with the holidays, the heat, the sun and the sea. For me, it’s inevitable to think of Greece, its islands, its music and its food. I found this recipe in Naxos but it is actually a Cretan specialty. Very refreshing and perfect as a main dish on a very hot day or as a first course. I love it! It reminds me of Crete and the Greek sea, blue, deep and full of stories to tell…

This recipe is dedicated to all those Foodies that love Greece and its treasures 😉 Read more

Grandma’s Pie

Grandma's Pie


Hi Foodies! Today I have for you a simple but interesting recipe.  One of my family recipes. Very useful for the winter time. Easy to cook and perfect for freezing (if necessary) or to leave to your family when you cannot be at home for dinner. It is a perfect and complete dish. You’ll see it will warm you and your heart :-) Read more

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