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Terrific Muffins




Hi Foodies! How are you? Today here is to you another recipe from a dear friend. She is an amazing woman able to conquer the heart of everyone with her charm, big eyes, gorgeous smile and great cooking. So this time she sent me a recipe for a classic American event: Halloween. Done with? Pumpkin of course! Sooooooo good! Terrific! 😉 Read more

Mortadella and Grana Muffins



Hello Foodies!

Here’s another recipe for muffins but this time salted ones. The muffins are very common in USA and in England but this time are very Italian because I made them with made in Italy products: Grana Padano (similar to Parmigiano Reggiano) and Mortadella. I was looking for something tasty but not too overdone. They came very delicious, fluffy, tasty and perfect for so many occasions.

This recipe is dedicated to Pietro that helped me to choose the ingredients and to bsa that loves mortadella.

Enjoy it  😉 Read more

Delicious Muffins



I discovered these muffins in a hard and boring day. Luckily the kitchen is that fantastic place where you can relax and focus on those senses that are left a little aside when working frantically. So, in my small kitchen, with good background music (Brazilian this time), I let myself go into the instinctive pleasure of mixing ingredients, playing with touch and smell. And that’s how I managed to get to this new recipe by which the day finished with great satisfaction, taste, scent and relax! Read more

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