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Juicy Plums With Melted Cheese



Hi Foodies! Today we continue with the saga of recipes sent by “bsa” for the barbecue. Tasty and surprising as the other recipes … playing with the sweet and savory, something that our foodie friend loves to cook. Juicy plums accompanied with melted cheese. He uses it in the Barbecue parties to entertain the guests while they are waiting for the meat … But if you prefer you can bake this plums in the oven… In fact, as you can see I cooked in the “cocotte” ! So Good!!! Perfect for lovers of plums 😉 Read more

Goat Cheese with Paprika and Almonds



Hi Foodies ! Here we are today with another recipe. Finger food . Easy, fast and very tasty. If you love Paprika you will like it. You can do it with different types of cream cheese . I used goat cheese because of its strong flavor and I really like how it blends with the sweet taste of the paprika. But for those who love spicy recipes you can also try the hot paprika 😉 Read more

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