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Roman Cooked Puntarelle



Hello Foodies! How are you? Today another classic winter recipe here in Italy or I better say in Rome!: “le puntarelle”. What are they? If you are not Roman, probably you do not know them. It is a type of vegetable that has a particularly bitter flavor, for this reason is also known as “chicory asparagus” or “Catalonia”. It is cultivated in the surrounds of Rome. This chicory can be served as a side dish or first course. It is possible to eat it raw … but today we present the cooked version. Yummy! This recipe has been sent by a new collaborator: my dearest friend, Manu, a great foodie and cook! As she is Roman, often eats classic recipes of the Eternal City! Hopefully she’ll send us more recipes like this! In the meantime … here comes this wonderful Roman recipe! We hope you’ll enjoy it! A must when in Rome in winter time! 😉 Read more

Bouillabaisse Créole

Sandy Bouillaba 2


Hi Foodies! So as I promised here we are with some more recipes. Today we begin with one of our classic guests: our dear Chef Sandy. A very special fish dish called “Bouillabaisse- Crèole”. A classic soup/stew from the south of France, and more particularly, of the port town of Marseille. Originally it was made with whatever fishes the fishermen could not sell in the morning. It was brought to Mauritius, from where Sandy is, by nostalgic sailors. Enjoy this aromatic dish! Read more

Calypso Pork Loin



Hi Foodies ! How are you? Today is the turn of a really juicy , yummy and nutritious recipe. It has been sent by a new collaborator: Al Maggi . It’s a dear friend and colleague of mine. I have to say that his recipes are fantastic. This pork loin is accompanied by a sauce of Rum and Pineapple. You will really lick your fingers with it!. We hope that he’ll send us some other recipes ! Enjoy it ! 😉 Read more

Grandma Tita’s fried potatoes



Hi Foodies! Today I have the pleasure to present to you a recipe of fried potatoes … fried with water! Aha ! Surprised ? Well ! Let’s say that …  if you’ve never done so … you will be surprised to know and see that are fried with oil and water . The result is really crispy , light and tasty. Here is to you the recipe of the perfect fried potatoes of Grandma Mary, the grandmother of our dear Mafi . Have fun cooking them ! 😉 Read more

“Alla Romana” Artichoke



Hello Foodies! Here we are again with a new recipe of our dear Mafi. The famous artichoke “alla romana”. Delicious, tasty , tender ! What can I say ?! A Roman Classic dish that wont dissapoint you. Really Good ! This recipe is dedicated to the amazing and beautifull Rome and all Romans. Enjoy it 😉 Read more

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