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Christmas Plum Cake

Plum Cake


Hi Foodies! Christmas season has arrived and now is the time to celebrate with colleagues , friends and family . So when I went to buy some fruit, I saw some Ribes (red currant) and blueberries and I could not avoid thinking about the Christmas tree balls . Back home, as enchanted by the magic of Christmas , I created this recipe for you, to celebrate all together. Ideal for any time and also to surprise your loved ones. Luscious ! Read more

Persephone’s Cup Cakes

Cup Cake



Dear Foodies ! Today I just made my first Cup Cake . The truth is that I had never made them before ​​but since my muffins are good I just thought… why not? The temptation that I had every time I went to buy fruit at the market were the amazing big pomegranates . What an incredible fruit! Attractive, exotic,  red passionate color and tasty flavor. Such a special fruit that in Greek mythology the goddess Persephone was not able to resist to eat some pomegranate grains. And so between the temptations of fruit and ancient tales … it popped out my Cup Cake Persephone , pomegranate and chocolate. Let groped ! Read more

The Multicolor Salted Cake



Hello Foodies! Today here’s to you another cake. Dedicated to the lovers of vegetables and cheese. Ideal for every occasion and very easy to do. This time you can also choose which vegetables to put in. I love and use peppers for their flavor and color and I added zucchini and eggplant. But! if you want you can vary with other vegetables. You know it … May the creativity be with you! 😉 Read more

Choc and Fresh Peppermint Parfait



Hello Foodies! Here we are again. The other night I invited friends for dinner and I wanted to do something new. So I cooked Argentine Empanadas (see recipe on the blog) and as a novelty I made a nice parfait with chocolate and fresh mint. I must say that I was not sure how it would come but in the end the dessert came really good! Fresh, sweet but not too much and really tasty! Enjoy it because it is very easy to do and it’s amazingly good 😉 Read more

Tagliatelle with smoked salmon



This is an easy recipe, fast and very tasty. With a little omega 3 and perfect for lovers of salmon.  It is great for a lunch or dinner dedicated to fish. The ingredients of this recipe are perfect for two people that eat it as a main course (large portion) or for four people who eat the pasta as an appetizer (small portion). Read more

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