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Eggplant Pirogues

Aubergines-Pirogues 2


Hi Foodies! How are you today? I hope everything fine. Here there is another Sandy recipe from the Mauritius. Very tasty and exotic. The name comes from the fact that the eggplant shape reminds the pirogues,  a small type of canoes used in the Bayou in Louisiana and in Mauritius in the lagoon by local fisherman. Go for it! 😉 Read more

The Multicolor Salted Cake



Hello Foodies! Today here’s to you another cake. Dedicated to the lovers of vegetables and cheese. Ideal for every occasion and very easy to do. This time you can also choose which vegetables to put in. I love and use peppers for their flavor and color and I added zucchini and eggplant. But! if you want you can vary with other vegetables. You know it … May the creativity be with you! 😉 Read more

Summer Parmigiana Tower



Hi Foodies! How are you? Here today I took courage to finally this recipe again, just for you!.  The 30th recipe! Why have I needed courage? Because the last time I did it was my birthday, I had guests for dinner and unfortunately when I was taking the Parmigiana from the oven … Spam! I slipped from my hands and fell all over the ground … In front of everyone! What can I say?! I’m getting old…:-D

However, it is one of my specialties, and this time I won…because it was really good!

This is a light summer version for the hottest periods of the year. I looooooove it! Read more

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