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Little Forest Mushrooms



Hi Foodies! How are you? Today a very pretty and simple recipe. As you liked so much the penguins finger food (see recipe ” the penguins of laure ” , in the finger food section) now is the time to introduce the mushrooms of the forest. They are simple to make and are also perfect to surprise your friends with a nice appetizer or a side dish . What else! ? The kids will love them !!! It is the perfect recipe to do with the little ones at home … so they will eat healthy … with a touch of creativity 😉 Read more

Italian Entrecote with Chicory and Cherry Tomatoes



Hi Foodies! This is an easy recipe, quick to make and very genuine because the products are simple and natural . For the more carnivorous today I present an Italian type of beef called “Tagliata” accompanied with fresh cherry tomatoes and Radicchio (Chicory). Then a drop of extra virgin olive oil … and will be done! Ideal for a romantic dinner. If presented in a wooden plate  is perfect to share it with complicity and love  😉 Read more

Fusilli with Rocket Salad and Cherry Tomatoes sauce

Pasta Rocket salad sauce


Hello Foodies! Here’s another recipe sent by Mafi . A nice sauce made of Rocket salad, cherry tomatoes and pine nuts. Fresh, green and very special . Easy and quick to do. Ideal as a first course 😉 Read more

Pasta with Apples and Herbs

Pasta with apple


Hello Foodies! Here we are again with a plate of pasta truly original. The recipe was sent by Ludmilla, a gorgeous woman who cooks with passion and lots of imagination. Her recipe is pasta with a vegetarian special sauce: made ​​with apples! It’s really good, fresh and perfect for the arrival of summer.

I hope you like it! 😉 Read more

The salted cake for any ocasion

Salted Cake



Hello Foodies! Today another quick and easy recipe. It’s a simple rustic vegetables and cheese cake that can  solve a dinner at the last moment, you can eat it the next day at work or use it to cuddle you while watching a good movie or a game, to eat in a spring or summer picnic … You can eat at any moment! It saves you on every occasion  😉 Read more

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