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Roman Cooked Puntarelle



Hello Foodies! How are you? Today another classic winter recipe here in Italy or I better say in Rome!: “le puntarelle”. What are they? If you are not Roman, probably you do not know them. It is a type of vegetable that has a particularly bitter flavor, for this reason is also known as “chicory asparagus” or “Catalonia”. It is cultivated in the surrounds of Rome. This chicory can be served as a side dish or first course. It is possible to eat it raw … but today we present the cooked version. Yummy! This recipe has been sent by a new collaborator: my dearest friend, Manu, a great foodie and cook! As she is Roman, often eats classic recipes of the Eternal City! Hopefully she’ll send us more recipes like this! In the meantime … here comes this wonderful Roman recipe! We hope you’ll enjoy it! A must when in Rome in winter time! 😉 Read more

Tasty Endives Salad



Hi Foodies! How are you doing today? Here there is to you a very easy recipe for a tasty and fresh sala. Made with endives , tuna and yogurt. It’s even more tasty thanks to nuts, olives and sundried tomatoes . Yummy! If you prepare it like it is in the picture … you’ll see how it remains really beautiful … so it is ideal for a dinner party when your friends come for dinner 😉 Read more

Little Forest Mushrooms



Hi Foodies! How are you? Today a very pretty and simple recipe. As you liked so much the penguins finger food (see recipe ” the penguins of laure ” , in the finger food section) now is the time to introduce the mushrooms of the forest. They are simple to make and are also perfect to surprise your friends with a nice appetizer or a side dish . What else! ? The kids will love them !!! It is the perfect recipe to do with the little ones at home … so they will eat healthy … with a touch of creativity 😉 Read more

Grandma Tita’s fried potatoes



Hi Foodies! Today I have the pleasure to present to you a recipe of fried potatoes … fried with water! Aha ! Surprised ? Well ! Let’s say that …  if you’ve never done so … you will be surprised to know and see that are fried with oil and water . The result is really crispy , light and tasty. Here is to you the recipe of the perfect fried potatoes of Grandma Mary, the grandmother of our dear Mafi . Have fun cooking them ! 😉 Read more

“Alla Romana” Artichoke



Hello Foodies! Here we are again with a new recipe of our dear Mafi. The famous artichoke “alla romana”. Delicious, tasty , tender ! What can I say ?! A Roman Classic dish that wont dissapoint you. Really Good ! This recipe is dedicated to the amazing and beautifull Rome and all Romans. Enjoy it 😉 Read more

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