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Coconut Chicken Nuggets

Sandy chicken 2



Hi foodies! How are you doing? Today there’s to you another recipe from the Mauritius. Our dear Chef Sandy says this chicken recipe it’s so good that may be addictive! So carefull! Ha ha ha. As usual … all her recipes have an exotic touch… This time the exotic ingredient is the coconut used to complete this oven fried Chicken strips. Yummy! Enjoy it! 😉 Read more

Calypso Pork Loin



Hi Foodies ! How are you? Today is the turn of a really juicy , yummy and nutritious recipe. It has been sent by a new collaborator: Al Maggi . It’s a dear friend and colleague of mine. I have to say that his recipes are fantastic. This pork loin is accompanied by a sauce of Rum and Pineapple. You will really lick your fingers with it!. We hope that he’ll send us some other recipes ! Enjoy it ! 😉 Read more

Fusilli with Rocket Salad and Cherry Tomatoes sauce

Pasta Rocket salad sauce


Hello Foodies! Here’s another recipe sent by Mafi . A nice sauce made of Rocket salad, cherry tomatoes and pine nuts. Fresh, green and very special . Easy and quick to do. Ideal as a first course 😉 Read more

The Evergreen Pesto



Hello Foodies! How are you? Today here is to you a basic recipe sent by our dear Mafi. A very important  recipe of a sauce that you can use to flavor pasta, salads and many other dishes! The pesto, symbol of the Ligurian cuisine (a region in the north of Italy), is one of the most fresh and tasty sauces that exist due to the use of basil, pine nuts, cheese and extra virgin olive oil. Never goes out of fashion! It’s hard to say no to this magical harmony of taste. So today our protagonist is: our pesto forever! Read more

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