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Veal Tajine with Plums, Almonds and Sesame



Hi Foodies! Today I will introduce you to a dish that I love. It is a Moroccan recipe made ​​with a type of ceramic pot that has a cover with a cone shape. The cooking is done over a slow fire and all food cooked with it becomes soft as butter and with a truly authentic taste . This pot is called: Tajine . Even the dishes that are cooked with this tool called are Tajine . I hope you’ll like it! If you still do not know it … you’ll see how wonderful , exotic and very fascinating is to cook with it. Here’s to you : Veal tajine with prunes , almonds and sesame seeds. Dedicated to Morocco and its treasures 😉 Read more

Italian Entrecote with Chicory and Cherry Tomatoes



Hi Foodies! This is an easy recipe, quick to make and very genuine because the products are simple and natural . For the more carnivorous today I present an Italian type of beef called “Tagliata” accompanied with fresh cherry tomatoes and Radicchio (Chicory). Then a drop of extra virgin olive oil … and will be done! Ideal for a romantic dinner. If presented in a wooden plate  is perfect to share it with complicity and love  😉 Read more

Tuna Medallions with Lemon Tangy Sauce and Capers




Hi Foodies ! Today, a new fish recipe. Comes directly from the Mauritius. Another recipe made by our dear Sandy. Tuna! …  exquisitely presented with a citrus sauce and capers. Really fresh and delicious. The grilled tuna is already tantalizing by itself but with this sauce becomes truly divine ! Enjoy your meal! 😉 Read more

Italian Countryside Soup



Hi Foodies ! Here we go again. Today our first soup. Another fantastic Mafi’s recipe. Comfort Food to cuddle mind and body. Perfect for the arrival of the first cold weather. A soup full of nutrients and flavor. Protein, vegetables, legumes … ideal for helping the body to survive the season change and warm up on a day of rain and cold. The addition of “Guanciale” (bacon from the pig cheek  /dont add if you want vegetarian recipe) and Parmigiano are the final touch to make this soup a full summary of the Italian countryside and its products 😉 Read more

Zucchini Filled With Cuddles



Hi Foodies! Here is another recipe of our Mafi. Yummy and perfect for so many occasions. These zucchini will make you dream and will make you have a very good mood. Serve with some salad, rice or baked potatoes. Perfect to warm you in a Autumn day.  And if you offer them in a dinner at home … your guests will be delighted . They are first-class cuddles! 😉 Read more

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