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Calypso Pork Loin



Hi Foodies ! How are you? Today is the turn of a really juicy , yummy and nutritious recipe. It has been sent by a new collaborator: Al Maggi . It’s a dear friend and colleague of mine. I have to say that his recipes are fantastic. This pork loin is accompanied by a sauce of Rum and Pineapple. You will really lick your fingers with it!. We hope that he’ll send us some other recipes ! Enjoy it ! 😉 Read more

The Hearts of the King



Hi Foodies ! Valentine’s Day is arriving … so let’s do some foodie recipes to cuddle everyone! These biscuits are rustic but delicious. Perfect for sharing with your love in a romantic picnic to warm your hearts or looking at the fire in the fireplace … but also to conquer a new love with a home-made recipe or simply celebrate being single until the arrival the king or queen of your heart. These hearts are made ​​with “chocolate salami”, also known in Italy as the ” salami of the King ” …

Curious to know more about it? Well … read the recipe!

There you go : ” The Hearts of the King ” ! 😉 Read more

Pudding with Rum Sauce



Hi Foodies! Happy New Year 2014 to all! Here’s our first recipe of the year. A great pudding made ​​with bread that is advanced from the Christmas parties, accompanied by a tasty Rum sauce. Ideal to recover from the holidays, from Christmas dinners and nice walks. Another recipe from our dear Sandy from Mauritius! Our regular contributor.

And as her … many of you can collaborate with us in this blog! What are you waiting for?

We are waiting for you, your tips, recipes, ideas, drawings, …

In the meantime … Bon Appetit! Read more

Aunt Maria’s Coffee Sport Liqueur

Caffe Sport


Hi Foodies! How are you? So much to do ? Buying gifts , cooking , working , preparing for the holidays, all day racing to get ready for Christmas ? Well! Here we have what you need for these days! Pure energy to reload : Coffee Sport! Another recipe of Aunt Mary, who loves to make liquors ( see the recipe for Limoncello ). This liqueur is perfect for coffee lovers. It is also ideal to recover from the cold and to toast in these days of celebration . Dedicated to the Aunt Mary, Stefano and Tiziana . Cheers! Read more

Aunt Maria’s Limoncello



Hello Foodies! Today is the time for our first recipe of a liqueur. A recipe sent by a dear lady with incredible blue eyes and a great smile: Maria, also known as Aunt Maria. She comes from Tarquinia (60 kms from Rome), lives in Rome  and she is an expert cook. This is her first recipe in the blog. A fresh Limoncello, perfect for the beautiful summer evenings, for the dinners with friends and family and to toast for the good news. Salute!!!  😉 Read more

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