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Exotic Island Rice Salad



Hi Foodies! Here is to you another tasty recipe from our dear chef and collaborator Sandy from the Mauritius Islands. A delightful salad that has wonderful blend of flavours and colors. Are you ready to turn a simple rice salad in a truly exotic and spectacular meal? So go for it! Read more

Bouillabaisse Créole

Sandy Bouillaba 2


Hi Foodies! So as I promised here we are with some more recipes. Today we begin with one of our classic guests: our dear Chef Sandy. A very special fish dish called “Bouillabaisse- Crèole”. A classic soup/stew from the south of France, and more particularly, of the port town of Marseille. Originally it was made with whatever fishes the fishermen could not sell in the morning. It was brought to Mauritius, from where Sandy is, by nostalgic sailors. Enjoy this aromatic dish! Read more

A Christmas Salmon



Hi Foodies! Here’s to you a recipe of a new collaborator: Gianni. A special man who loves to eat and cook. Perfect Foodie! He proposes an appetizer for Christmas made ​​with smoked salmon and pomegranate. The grains of this fruit remind us the red color of Christmas time and the beauty of the balls of the Christmas tree . Indeed! This appetizer is perfect also presented as a small Christmas tree. The touch of lemon yellow and green chives give the final touch to create a perfect fish appetizer.  Fast, easy , light and very tasty. Dedicated to Gianni and Carletto. Bon Apetit ! 😉 Read more

Tuna Medallions with Lemon Tangy Sauce and Capers




Hi Foodies ! Today, a new fish recipe. Comes directly from the Mauritius. Another recipe made by our dear Sandy. Tuna! …  exquisitely presented with a citrus sauce and capers. Really fresh and delicious. The grilled tuna is already tantalizing by itself but with this sauce becomes truly divine ! Enjoy your meal! 😉 Read more

Exotic Calamari Rings



My Dear Foodies ! Today I have the honor to present a good new . We have a new friend of foodies who writes us nothing less than from Mauritius : The Chef Sandy Daswani . A woman full of resources and surprises, especially in the kitchen. Really Foodie and experienced (over 17 years) in the world of cooking and as Chef plays with all types of cuisine: French, English, Creole, Indian , Malay and Chinese. An Authentic International Foodie ! She is also author of the book “A Chef à la maison” where she tells the secrets of Mauritian cuisine . What can I tell ? ! I cannot wait to find out with you all the recipes she’ll want to share with all of us. Here’s the first recipe: fried calamari … but with an exotic touch: done by and exotic Chef and cooked with exotic spices 😉

Welcome and … ” Terima Kasih Sandy” ! ( thank you very much Sandy … in Malay …  I hope so! … ha ha ha) :-)  Read more

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