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Persephone’s Cup Cakes

Cup Cake



Dear Foodies ! Today I just made my first Cup Cake . The truth is that I had never made them before ​​but since my muffins are good I just thought… why not? The temptation that I had every time I went to buy fruit at the market were the amazing big pomegranates . What an incredible fruit! Attractive, exotic,  red passionate color and tasty flavor. Such a special fruit that in Greek mythology the goddess Persephone was not able to resist to eat some pomegranate grains. And so between the temptations of fruit and ancient tales … it popped out my Cup Cake Persephone , pomegranate and chocolate. Let groped ! Read more

Tender Baked Apples



Hi Foodies ! Here we are again. Today here is to you a recipe incredibly easy to do and with a truly spectacular result . Baked apples. A type of recipe that belongs to the world of Comfort Food ! That kind of food that makes you feel great, comfortable, that cuddles you and make you have a very good mood. In fact, it reminds me my childhood. This is another Mafi’s recipe . Sooooo good!!  😉 Read more

Terrific Muffins




Hi Foodies! How are you? Today here is to you another recipe from a dear friend. She is an amazing woman able to conquer the heart of everyone with her charm, big eyes, gorgeous smile and great cooking. So this time she sent me a recipe for a classic American event: Halloween. Done with? Pumpkin of course! Sooooooo good! Terrific! 😉 Read more

Cuddles made of Chocolate and Pears

Choc and Pears


Hello Foodies ! Here we go again. After so much time that I have not updated the blog … I present you something very choc and sweet so that you can forgive me! This cake has accompanied many good times with friends … they felt so relaxed and pampered as soon as they tasted it. Oh yes ! A classic : chocolate and pears. What can I say ? ! Cook it and eat it with much pleasure … like I do with my beloved ones . Yummy !  😉 Read more

Fabulous Choc and Strawberry Crostata



Hi Foodies! How are you? Ready for another tasty recipe? Our Fabiola from New York sent us another delicious recipe. A nice “Crostata” (tart) with chocolate and strawberries. Soooo good!!! Easy to make and perfect for lovers of this classic combination of chocolate with red fruits. Dedicated to all fans of chocolate! 😉 Read more

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