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Little Forest Mushrooms



Hi Foodies! How are you? Today a very pretty and simple recipe. As you liked so much the penguins finger food (see recipe ” the penguins of laure ” , in the finger food section) now is the time to introduce the mushrooms of the forest. They are simple to make and are also perfect to surprise your friends with a nice appetizer or a side dish . What else! ? The kids will love them !!! It is the perfect recipe to do with the little ones at home … so they will eat healthy … with a touch of creativity 😉 Read more

The penguins of Laure



Hi Foodies ! How are you? Are you ready for a fun recipe? You heard it right! Call the youngest Foodies at home ( children, grandchildren, nephews, nieces … ) and make this recipe all together. You will have fun and so after you can eat it all together with an aperitif . This recipe was sent by a new collaborator from France. Her name is Marie and she is very keen to point out that the recipe is from her sister Laure. So here are the penguins of Laure ! Have fun ! 😉 Read more

Happy Halloweeen

zucca halloween2



Dear Foodies … Are you ready?


It’s time to take your pumpkins and work them to make them fantastically monstrous and freaky.


Here there you have the one that have made our Jeanny and Fede. Really enchanted !!!


They have done sooooooo many of recipes with the pulp of the pumpkin … meatballs, noodles, pasta, risotto, pies … ha ha ha:-D


So … Pumpkin and Halloween forever !!!


We wish you a frightening and funny night … and a happy All Saints day 😉


Picture sent by: Jeanny and Fede from Rome – Florida

Fantastic Cyborg Eggs !

uccello del paradiso


Hi Foodies! How are you all?


Well, I promised that there were going to be news in the blog. So today I have a new surprise for you: Fantastic Cyborg Eggs!


But this time is not a recipe. It is one of the design projects of a Foodies friend. In this blog we want to collaborate with artists which works are related to the food. We’ve began with the Easter Design made by Gulimón.  Remember?


So now is the turn of Simona Ceccarelli that sent us her “Cyborg Zoo” made with the eggs shells  !!! Read more

Happy Easter !!!



Hello Foodies!


We are very pleased to share with you our first 20 recipes! It is just a month and a half since we launched the blog!


Today, instead of a recipe, to celebrate this Easter Sunday I introduce to you this picture that has been sent by Foodies friends called: “Gulimón.” They are Spanish designers and  they are very creative. They are our first guests that collaborate with their drawings dedicated to the cooking world for “Foodies in the world”. Thanks Gulimón!!!


So dear friends, if you want, you can send us also your designs for the blog. “Foodies in the world”  is a blog where you will find recipes but also many other surprises. And the drawings … are just the first new!


It’s our first Easter together!


So we’ll hope that it will be very foody and specially in good company…family and friends :-)


See you soon!


Foodies and co


Design sent by: Gulimón from Spain

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