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Coconut Chicken Nuggets

Sandy chicken 2



Hi foodies! How are you doing? Today there’s to you another recipe from the Mauritius. Our dear Chef Sandy says this chicken recipe it’s so good that may be addictive! So carefull! Ha ha ha. As usual … all her recipes have an exotic touch… This time the exotic ingredient is the coconut used to complete this oven fried Chicken strips. Yummy! Enjoy it! 😉 Read more

Roast Turkey With Orange



Hi Foodies ! Here’s one more recipe from our Mafi . A roast turkey really light and with a wonderful taste . An ideal dish for any event, especially to cuddle your loved ones when you invite them to dinner because it is simple to make but with a perfect result. Read more

“Open Sesame” Chicken




Hello Foodies! Today another chicken recipe. Really tasty and for all tastes. The sesame makes this chicken really crispy and tasty. Just as “Open sesame!”,  because the smell and taste come out magically to enchant your senses. Inside, the sweet surprise of the honey and the spicy effect of the mustard. Goooood!

Even kids will love it. Try it! Read more

Oriental Chicken

oriental chicken


I hope you’ll like it! This is one of our favorite dishes at home. Easy, tasty and has an ethnic touch. It is perfect for those days on which you want to eat something different . This recipe is just for one. So if you want to cook for more people just multiply the quantity of all ingredients for the number of people. Read more

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