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The National Caprese



Hello Foodies! How are you? Here, in Rome, we are having a very hot summer so it is necessary to eat fresh and tasty food. Today it’s the turn to our “National Caprese”. Good, tasty and very Italian!. How come? Because it has mozzarella and the colors of the Italian flag: green, red and white. Have you realized about that?  Enjoy it! 😉 Read more

Gourmand Crostino with Brie



Hello Foodies! Today an easy recipe, fast and ideal for any time. As a snack, as an appetizer, as finger food, as an appetizer or for your home edition of the happy hour. Sweet and salty with a type of cheese that the  foodies like so much: The Brie. Bon appetit! 😉 Read more

Dear Foodies here we go again!

My dear foodies! Happy New Year!!! I know, i know… I haven’t post anything for really long time.I’m so sorry about that! But you all know how life sometimes changes lots of things and it is not easy to keep going on with everything. But I’m so happy you are still there asking for more recipes and foodies news.

So THANK YOU ALL for your support !!!

Soon there will be new recipes…! Promised!

Send more recipes! and keep doing likes and sending good energy so i know you are there and want more :-)

By now … I wish you all the best to all of you for this 2016!

May the creativity be with you 😉

Hugs and kisses

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Tasty Endives Salad



Hi Foodies! How are you doing today? Here there is to you a very easy recipe for a tasty and fresh sala. Made with endives , tuna and yogurt. It’s even more tasty thanks to nuts, olives and sundried tomatoes . Yummy! If you prepare it like it is in the picture … you’ll see how it remains really beautiful … so it is ideal for a dinner party when your friends come for dinner 😉 Read more

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Happy day! Perfect excuse to eat sweets and CHOCOLATE!!!! 😉

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