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Hi to all the foodies in the world out there! My name is Larissa. I’m archaeologist and a tourist guide in Rome. I was born in Spain but my parents are Argentine and I can proudly say that, after so many years living in the Eternal City, I feel like a true Roman. Food is one of the things I

really love and Italy is the perfect place where to learn to eat, to discover food tastes and perfumes and where to cook genuine dishes. It’s impossible not to fall in love with food and feel bewitched by the Italian culinary romanticism that reigns in every corner of this country.

By travelling around the world , you can also find out that every country has typical dishes and local interesting products, that every culture can surprise you with its personal passion for cooking and that every family has secret recipes and cooking tips inherited from generation to generation.

Is for this reason that I have decided to make this blog. Because food is one of the best ways to communicate with family, friends and people. Food is a great international language that brings people together and leaves a big imprint in our memories.

I want to share with you my recipes. The ones that I have already learned in the last years and the ones that I’ll create for this blog that has already become for me the perfect excuse to experiment and be more creative in my kitchen.

“Foodies in the world” because I’ll write this blog in Italian, English and Spanish, so that lot of people will have the possibility to read it. Also because I hope that you, wherever you are, will send your food recipes and tips too. In this way, we all will become united “Foodies in the World”.

Then if you want to visit Rome, cook in the Eternal City and taste all the classic Italian and Roman recipes and wines… you can find me here as your guide in Rome




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