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Delicious Onion Rings



Hello Foodies! Today an easy recipe, super tasty and crunchy. Sent by our Sandy from Mauritius. Onion rings!  Ideal as an aperitif but also as a side dish of tasty dishes … a classic North American taste. But this recipe, like all those sent by Sandy, has an exotic touch and remains really delicate and light. Enjoy it! ;-)




-2 Large onions

- A cup and a half of flour

- Half a cup of Polenta

-1 Teaspoon salt

-1 Teaspoon of sugar

-2 Teaspoons ground cumin

-1 Egg yolk

-150 Ml of ice water

-1 liter of oil for frying


So! These quantities are for about 4 to 6 people.


Start peeling the onions and cut them into slices of an inch wide. Separate the rings.


In a large bowl place the flour,  polenta , cumin (if you like … I know that it is an ingredient that not everyone like , salt and sugar. Then add the yolk and mix. Add the ice water (be carefull! Must be really cold because this is the infallible  element to create the perfect batter for a flawless fried!). Beat the mixture well until the batter is nice and smooth.


Take the onion rings, one by one , and put in the batter. Then immediately fry them in the very hot oil. Let them cook until they become puffy and crisp. Dry them on paper towels and serve with creativity and with a beautiful smile ! ;-)


Soooo Good!


Thanks Sandy!


Recipe sent by: Sandy Daswani from Mauritius .







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