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Truffes en Chocolat



Bonjour Foodies! How are you? Today it’s time to introduce chocolaty truffles because Valentine’s Day is round the corner.  What? You are not in love? You do not care? Ahhhh! That it’s not important! We want to celebrate Valentine’s Day as the feast of love (all types of love) and the love for chocolate! He he he. This recipe has been sent by our collaborator, Marie, which is a great foodie and a very good cook.

Merci bien Chèrie !!! 😉



-250 Gr of sour cream (crème fraiche)

-250 Gr of dark chocolate

-50 Gr bitter cocoa powder


It takes some time. But it is very easy to do!


Let’s start with the dough. That will be the heart of the chocolate. Take a pan and put the sour cream. Heat it up till boiling and then turn off the heat. Throw 200 grams of dark chocolate into small pieces and let it melt into the cream.


Let cool the mixture, cover it well and put it into the fridge. Let stand for 24 hours.


The idea is to obtain a dough to make our bonbon. So the next day, take the dough and knead into small balls. Then take 50 grams of dark chocolate and melt in double boiler or in microwave. Careful not to burn it!


Take the chocolate balls and moisten inside the melted chocolate to create a crunchy topping around. Thus Dip the balls one by one and then immediately pass them on to the cocoa powder. Let cool and harden into a baking dish inside the fridge. Voila!


Now you just have to have fun doing nice package to give it as a present, to expose them or/and eat them … May the creativity be with you!


Oh I know! There you go! You have eaten some while cooking ah? He he he. Yes! Definitely Irresistible !!!

In France they cook these sweets for Christmas but for us chocolate lovers… al excuses are good to eat them 😉

Marie dedicates this recipe to her mom Evelyne :-)


Thanks Marie! Bisous!


See you soon!


Recipe sent by: Marie from  Roma-France


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