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Roman Cooked Puntarelle



Hello Foodies! How are you? Today another classic winter recipe here in Italy or I better say in Rome!: “le puntarelle”. What are they? If you are not Roman, probably you do not know them. It is a type of vegetable that has a particularly bitter flavor, for this reason is also known as “chicory asparagus” or “Catalonia”. It is cultivated in the surrounds of Rome. This chicory can be served as a side dish or first course. It is possible to eat it raw … but today we present the cooked version. Yummy! This recipe has been sent by a new collaborator: my dearest friend, Manu, a great foodie and cook! As she is Roman, often eats classic recipes of the Eternal City! Hopefully she’ll send us more recipes like this! In the meantime … here comes this wonderful Roman recipe! We hope you’ll enjoy it! A must when in Rome in winter time! 😉



-An entire Asparagus chicory / Catalonia

-Garlic cloves

-Extra Virgin Olive oil




So! Let’s begin! Wash the cichory and cut it into small strips. Dont use the hard part of it (the white root). You can also find it already cut at the market ready as : “puntarelle” but that type of cut is for the raw salad version.

When the chicory is all cut, clean and ready take a pan and heat some Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Aside put the raisins soaked in a small bowl with water so that they get humid again.

As you can see I did not put the amount of each ingredient because it will depend on your taste.

One crushed garlic clove or if you prefer in small pieces (to be removed before serving) should be enough. But if you love garlic, you can use even more.

Once the oil is hot, throw the garlic, after a minute, add the chicory and sauté for a few minutes. Let them cook over medium-high  heat. 10-15 minutes should be fine. Use a lid to cover them while they cook just in the last two minutes!. We want the puntarelle toasted and crunchy. Later you can add salt and a bit ‘of raisins. Done!

Voila! Your tasty “Puntarelle’s” dish  is ready.


Manu tips are:


1) You can also use some anchovy or pine nuts as a condiment.  Manu likes to use raisins but maybe is not the traditional Roman version.


2) If you cook the chicory in the morning to eat in the evening … even better! The puntarelle will be more tasty 😉

(don’t forget to heat them before serve them)


Thanks Manu !!!


See you soon!


Recipe sent by:  Manu from Rome




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