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Gourmand Crostino with Brie



Hello Foodies! Today an easy recipe, fast and ideal for any time. As a snack, as an appetizer, as finger food, as an appetizer or for your home edition of the happy hour. Sweet and salty with a type of cheese that the  foodies like so much: The Brie. Bon appetit! 😉




-Country Bread but also any type you like.

-Brie Cheese

-Some Leaves of baby spinach, rocket salad or valerian.

-A Big slice of Speck, bacon or ham.




Today it is very easy. As you can see there are not specific amounts of the ingredients because you can decide the size and the quantity of ingredients that you like. Long live freedom!


Take the bread. I really like to make the croutons with so many different types of bread. This time I chose a nice loaf from Genzano, very rustic and crunchy. But you can choose what you like best.


So! … take the bread and slice it. Put the slices in the oven on low heat until it becomes crispy.


Meanwhile, prepare small slices of brie and the fresh leaves of spinach. You can also use the rocket salad or the valerian.


Take the speck (nord Italy smoked kind of ham) but you can use bacon or ham… but if you are in Italiy, specially in Rome, use the “Guanciale”!!! (type of very preciated “bacon”). Good! Cut it into small pieces and let it slowly brown in a pan with a little oil.


Prepare the sauce to flavor the croutons. In this case I used 50/50 with honey and mustard. But if you don’t like that much, mustard use less mustard. You can also use the mustard with seeds (this time I haven’t found it).


Switch off the oven when the slices of bread to be ready. Take the bread and place slices of Brie. Put the toast in the oven off but closed. So the Brie melts slightly.


Take the hot bread and place the leaves of “salad”, after the pieces of browned bacon and over our sauce of honey and mustard.


What do you think? Hmmmm delicious and easy!


May the creativity be with you 😉


See you soon!


Recipe by Foodies in the World



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