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Exotic Island Rice Salad



Hi Foodies! Here is to you another tasty recipe from our dear chef and collaborator Sandy from the Mauritius Islands. A delightful salad that has wonderful blend of flavours and colors. Are you ready to turn a simple rice salad in a truly exotic and spectacular meal? So go for it!




-300 rice

-700 ml chicken broth

-1 can of tuna chunks in oil

– 200 gr diced smoked marlin

-1 good size cucumber, diced

-2 chopped onions

-300 gr diced pineapple. Keep shell for serving

-250 gr diced cheddar cheese

-2 tablespoon light soy sauce

-1/2  teaspoon freshly grinded black pepper

-2 tablespoon seeded black olives cut in 2

-1 bunch chopped fresh coriander leaves


Let’s begin!


Cook rice in chicken broth, spread rice over shallow tray, cover with cloth, and set aside 15 to 30 minutes to cool.


In a large salad bowl gently toss rice with the rest of ingredients, sprinkle with chopped coriander.


To serve, arrange rice salad over ½pineapple and serve warm or prepare it in advance and keep it covered with cling film in the fridge and serve it later.


Chefs’ advise:


– You may also use any leftover rice to prepare this great salad.

– Replace marlin with cubed salmon,

– Replace fishes with crispy bacon bits and/or salami bits

– Change black olives with green olives

– Add chopped gherkins

– Change coriander with chopped fresh mint


As you can see… May the creativity be with you!


Ahhhh! Yummy and really tempting for all seasons!


Thanks Sandy!


Recipe sent by: Sandy Pallagino from the Mauritius Islands




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