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Carnival Italian Frappe



Hello Foodies! Still Carnival and here we are always ready to cook and eat good things and very tasty! Today another classic Italian recipe for the carnival holidays: the “frappe”. A recipe sent by our dear Mafi who loves to cook sweets for the whole family. Simple frappe or with chocolate … but Mafi also proposes using an extra type of decorations. Do you want to discover more about it? 😉



-500 Gr of flour

-80 Gr of sugar

-60 Gr of melted butter

-30 Gg of white wine

-30 Gr of Grappa / other liqueur

-3 eggs

– powdered or granulated sugar and dark chocolate (if you like dark chocolate with ginger, lemon, orange or red fruits) for the decoration.

-1 liter of peanut oil for frying


So! Start putting all the ingredients in a bowl. Mix everything well. When the dough is ready make a ball and let it rest covered with plastic wrap for at least an hour. Mafi says that, if you can, two hours even better. This is the magic touch to have a great result.

Wine is one of the most important ingredients for this recipe because it is what allows the frappe to be crispy.

Once the pasta is ready you have to roll out very thin on a table with the help of  some flour if necessary.

Once that is stretched out … enjoy to cut it in the form that you like. Rectangular, triangular, heart-shaped, carnival mask or bow. Help yourself with a knife for sweets  and your hands. Mafi as you see made them in the shape of a bow.

Now to the pan!. Use a deep frying pan with so much oil. Hot but not boiling. Try to avoid burning the oil among  the frying.

And voila! They are made!

Now there remains only to decorate them with a icing sugar. But there’s much more !!! If you want you can use some honey, dark  or white chocolate. The chocolate can be also flavored with orange or ginger (or what you prefer) to give a modern touch to your frappe. The easiest  way to use the topping  is to put it over the frappe to make them more cheerful. Even the sides of the bow as pictured … May the creativity be with you !!!

And now you have both the Italian carnival recipes. “Frappe” and “Castagnole” in the blog! Go for ti! Have fun, dress up and eat the sweets that  you’ve just cooked … as if there is no tomorrow as they say in Italian (“Come se non ci fosse un domani”! In these days some healthy craziness and freedom  … are welcome 😉

See you soon!

Recipe sent by: Mafi from Rome




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