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Tasty Endives Salad



Hi Foodies! How are you doing today? Here there is to you a very easy recipe for a tasty and fresh sala. Made with endives , tuna and yogurt. It’s even more tasty thanks to nuts, olives and sundried tomatoes . Yummy! If you prepare it like it is in the picture … you’ll see how it remains really beautiful … so it is ideal for a dinner party when your friends come for dinner 😉




-2 endives

-100 Grams of tuna

-1 Yogurt ( if Greek even better)

–  4 tablespoons of black olives

– 5 tablespoons of Nuts

– 5 or 6 dried tomatoes preserved in olive oil

– Salt and pepper



Today the effort is minimal! Wash the endives. Put them, as a flower, on a nice plate . Above, in the center, add the yogurt . Use the type of yogurt you prefer: normal , light … but Greek yogurt is the best!  😉


Then add on top of the tuna loins ( so it’s even easier to recognize the portions), the olives, the nuts and the dried tomatoes cut into little pieces.


Now just add some salt, pepper and a nice drop of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Voila ! Easy, fast , fresh and yummy!


Oh! If you prefer, you can also serve this salad in mono-portions so that your guest will remain even more surprised 😉


See you soon !



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