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Juicy Plums With Melted Cheese



Hi Foodies! Today we continue with the saga of recipes sent by “bsa” for the barbecue. Tasty and surprising as the other recipes … playing with the sweet and savory, something that our foodie friend loves to cook. Juicy plums accompanied with melted cheese. He uses it in the Barbecue parties to entertain the guests while they are waiting for the meat … But if you prefer you can bake this plums in the oven… In fact, as you can see I cooked in the “cocotte” ! So Good!!! Perfect for lovers of plums 😉




– Plums

– Goat or sheep cheese

– Honey

– A few drops of lemon

– Basil flowers / Fresh basil (if desired also dry)


So start taking the plums. Wash them well and cut them in half. Remove the bone. Put a few drops of lemon juice over the plums. Add above one or two small pieces of cheese. Sheep or goat cheese because it must have enough character to marry well with the acidity of the plums. Add on top some honey and crown this delight with a sprig of basil flowers . This is the magic touch to make the recipe even more aromatic and sweet. If you cannot find the flowers … fresh basil enough. If you do not have any of them , dried basil is ok.


Place the plums on the barbecue grill and cook for about 20 minutes.


But as all the other recipes made by ” bsa ” for barbecue, you can also make them in the oven. At 320 Fahrenheit (150 degrees) for 15 minutes. Done! You can decorate with some fresh basil on top.


The result is really good as you will see . Sour, sweet , thanks to the gritty and very aromatic cheese with basil.


It can be used as I said in a BBQ as an appetizer but also as a sweet at the end of a dinner. The choice is yours!


If you like fruit with cheese … this is the recipe for you 😉


Thank you ” bsa “!


See you soon


Recipe sent by: ” bsa ” from Germany


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