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Little Forest Mushrooms



Hi Foodies! How are you? Today a very pretty and simple recipe. As you liked so much the penguins finger food (see recipe ” the penguins of laure ” , in the finger food section) now is the time to introduce the mushrooms of the forest. They are simple to make and are also perfect to surprise your friends with a nice appetizer or a side dish . What else! ? The kids will love them !!! It is the perfect recipe to do with the little ones at home … so they will eat healthy … with a touch of creativity 😉




-Cherry tomatoes

– Hearts of palm / palmitos but if you prefer little mozzarellas .

– Salt, dash of olive oil and pepper

– One tablespoon of mayonnaise

– A pinch of imagination 😉


Easy ! Take the tomatoes. Wash them well and cut them in half. Take the hearts of palm and cut into two or three pieces to make the logs of mushrooms.


Attention! When you buy palmitos and tomatoes be carefull with the dimensions of both so that they fit well together to make a perfect mushroom . If the palmitos jar is made of glass control that has the thin palmitos. Thin palmitos are the perfect ones for this recipe ! They are the best for any recipe. The thick palmitos are too hard to eat.


So ready?! Take a piece of Palmito and place over the tomatoes. Above do the dots of mushrooms with mayonnaise. Salt, olive oil, pepper and …Voila !


If you prefer you can also use little mozzarellas instead of hearts of palm. It all depends on your tastes and what you find at the supermarket :-)


Then , it depends on your imagination to use some other vegetables to make additional decorations… I used avocado to make a contrast with the green color effect. It was what I had left over from the day before … I made avocado croutons ( see avocado croutons recipes on the blog). To decorate you can use lettuce, rocket salad, cheese, olives … whatever you want … May the creativity be with you 😉


If you want to use the mushrooms as finger food … use a toothpick to join all the mushroom pieces… so your guests can take them easily.


Have fun ! Bon Apetit !


See you soon!



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