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The Hearts of the King



Hi Foodies ! Valentine’s Day is arriving … so let’s do some foodie recipes to cuddle everyone! These biscuits are rustic but delicious. Perfect for sharing with your love in a romantic picnic to warm your hearts or looking at the fire in the fireplace … but also to conquer a new love with a home-made recipe or simply celebrate being single until the arrival the king or queen of your heart. These hearts are made ​​with “chocolate salami”, also known in Italy as the ” salami of the King ” …

Curious to know more about it? Well … read the recipe!

There you go : ” The Hearts of the King ” ! 😉




-2 eggs

-9 ounces (250 Gr) of plain biscuits

–  2.1 ounces (60 Gr) of butter

– 2.7 ounces (75 Gr) of cocoa powder

– 1.8 ounces (50 Gr) of dark chocolate

– 2.1 ounces (60 Gr) of brown sugar

–  A shot of coffee liqueur (or other type, if you prefer)


It’s easy to do!


Take the eggs. Watch out! They must be well-chosen , even organic farming , because they’ll remain raw in the recipe. Whip and add the liqueur (see recipe for ” Liqueur Caffè Sport of Aunt Mary” on our blog) , dark chocolate and the butter that you have melted before (in a bain-marie).  Be careful! add the chocolate and the butter when they are not too hot or they’ll cook the egg .


Later, add the cocoa and brown sugar and mix well . Lastly, you have to take the biscuits and chop fine. Leave them a little rough so that the pieces will give (in the final presentation) the real effect of the salami.


Mix everything well and , later, with the final compound make a nice big sausage. Try to make with at least 5 cm of diameter to cut it better when ready. Once you have finished making the shape of the sausage , cover well with foil. Put it in the fridge for at least two or three hours and will be ready to eat. You will see how nice and surprising it is! Incredibly delicious and funny because it seems really a salami but sweet! 😉


It’s time for more fun! Take your chocolate salami from the fridge and cut into slices of at least 7 mm of diameter to allow you to give it a shape and cut with biscuit cutter .


Take your molds for biscuits and choose the one in the shape of heart (in this case for Valentine’s Day ) . But if you prefer , you can cut into slices like a classic salami or you can also use any of the various forms … teddy bear , star, flower, etc … May the creativity be with you!


The wonderful thing is that while you cut it … you can even eat the remains of salami … Hmmm Good!


Enjoy this rustic and yummy salami! Perfect for eating alone or with your beloved ones… any excuse is perfect to eat it! 😉


See you soon !


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