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Tasty Fried Meatballs




Hello Foodies! Today it’s the turn of  the tasty fried meatballs. Really tasty and delicious. For adults and for kids, as a main dish or as a finger food, hot or cold … they are always good and welcome! Very easy to make and perfect with any side dish: salad, fries , mashed potatoes … Or just ready to dip into juicy and tasty sauces . What are you waiting for? Go for it! 😉




-500 Gr of minced veal and beef ( pork too, if you wish ) .

-50 Grams of grated Parmigiano

-2 eggs

– Cumin

-Parsley and garlic

– Salt and pepper

-150 Grams of bread crumbs

– Vegetable oil for frying


Here we are! So these are very easy to do.


Take the minced meat. I have not specified the type so you can choose the quantity of each type. In fact I used 500 gr of minced beef only. To make them lighter. But if you prefer  to add some pork to make them tastier, feel free to do so 😉


So take the ground meat and add the eggs , some of garlic (quantity is after you) , some fresh parsley, finely chopped , salt, pepper, some cumin (if you like it) and grated Parmigiano. Mix everything well. You will see that it remains a bit sticky and the egg still liquid. So add some bread crumbs … enough so that the mixture becomes easy to work with.


Voilà ! Now the fun part! Take a large spoonful of the mixture and make a small ball. Crush it and pass it on the bread crumbs. So you will get the meatball ready for frying.


When you have all ready… to the pan!


Take a large frying pan, with a fund of at least 4 cm and add plenty of oil. Once the oil is ready … fry the meatballs. Put 5 meatballs at a time, so you can control the cooking process. I normally tour them twice so that they get brown but not burned.


Once all are cooked … put them on a plate with paper towel to dry the oil.


Now? There remains only to put them at the table … as always in a pretty way … may the creativity be with you!


See you soon! 😉



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