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Persephone’s Cup Cakes

Cup Cake



Dear Foodies ! Today I just made my first Cup Cake . The truth is that I had never made them before ​​but since my muffins are good I just thought… why not? The temptation that I had every time I went to buy fruit at the market were the amazing big pomegranates . What an incredible fruit! Attractive, exotic,  red passionate color and tasty flavor. Such a special fruit that in Greek mythology the goddess Persephone was not able to resist to eat some pomegranate grains. And so between the temptations of fruit and ancient tales … it popped out my Cup Cake Persephone , pomegranate and chocolate. Let groped !




For about 15 medium sized cup cake

– 7 ounces  (200 Gr) of flour ( I used organic farming today )

–  5.3 ounces (150 Gr) of brown sugar

-2 eggs

-3 Tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil

-4 Tablespoons of dark chocolate chips

-1 Large pomegranate

– Baking powder (16 gr – 1 table spoon)


For the ganache :

– 3.5 ounces (100 Gr) of dark chocolate

–  ½ cup (120 Gr) of cream

–  (25 Gr) of butter


So start by preheating the oven to 180 degrees.


Take a bowl and mix the flour, baking powder and sugar.


Aside mix the eggs , oil and the juice that you’ve got squeezing the pomegranate (should be about half a cup ). Do not throw away the grains (seeds) because we’ll need them!


Now mix the liquid with the other ingredients . Add 4 tablespoons of pomegranate seeds (removing the white part that connects them to each other) and also 4 tablespoons of dark chocolate chips .


Mix everything well. Prepare the baking muffin tray with the paper cups and add the dough . Refill about ¾ paper cups so that the cup cakes won’t be too large nor too small.


To the oven! For about 20 minutes at 360 Fahrenheit (180 degrees). Not ventilated oven . Carefull! Don’t forget that every oven is different!


Meanwhile, make the chocolate ganache . So take the cream together the butter and reheat to a very low temperature . When it is about to boil, add the chocolate, cut into small pieces. Melt and mix everything well.


Prepare a bowl in the fridge along with the whips or forks that you will use to mount the cream.


Once the chocolate is cold put it on the bowl ( very cold ) and use an electric mixer or , as in my case (hard job! ) , two forks to mount the cream and let it become the perfect ganache. It will take about 5 minutes. The cold of the bowl is an important trick to mount it better 😉


Well ! Your cup cake should be cooked . Remove from the oven . Let the ganache cool and used to decorate above. With the help of a pastry sleeve , a knife or a fork you can put on the ganache on the cup cake in a pretty way. Above , add some pomegranate seeds to decorate . You will see how wonderful!


The ganache can store in the fridge and you can also add before serving the cup cake . But ! Remove it from the fridge for a few minutes before … to let it warm up a bit so it will be easier to use it.


Have fun making these delicious desserts … Gorgeous!


I dedicate them to Stefano … that helps me so much with the blog :-)


See you soon 😉




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