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Roast Turkey With Orange



Hi Foodies ! Here’s one more recipe from our Mafi . A roast turkey really light and with a wonderful taste . An ideal dish for any event, especially to cuddle your loved ones when you invite them to dinner because it is simple to make but with a perfect result.




– 1.5 pound (700 gs) of turkey breast

– A large slice of ham or bacon

– Two oranges

– Fennel , onion and carrot.

– A glass of white wine

– Salt and pepper

– Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Begin by placing the turkey breast rosemary and also the two slices of ham. Season with salt and pepper. Work it as a roll and stop it with wire for cooking.


Take a large frying pan and make a sauce with fennel, carrot and onion. After you add the turkey roll .


Once browned , add the wine over and after a couple of minutes, add also the juice of the two oranges . Let cook over low heat constantly covered with a lid.


It is very important that you put (every five minutes) the cooking sauce over the roast to make it wet and tasty.


Let cook for at least 50 minutes. Always covered . And always, with the help of a spoon , put the sauce over the roast turkey roll.


If you need to you can also add some water.


Once cooked … will be ready! Cut into slices and serve with love and imagination …


Oh yes ! May the creativity bewith you 😉


Thanks Mafi !


See you soon


Recipe sent by: Mafi from Rome



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