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Aunt Maria’s Limoncello



Hello Foodies! Today is the time for our first recipe of a liqueur. A recipe sent by a dear lady with incredible blue eyes and a great smile: Maria, also known as Aunt Maria. She comes from Tarquinia (60 kms from Rome), lives in Rome  and she is an expert cook. This is her first recipe in the blog. A fresh Limoncello, perfect for the beautiful summer evenings, for the dinners with friends and family and to toast for the good news. Salute!!!  😉




-3oo ml of alcohol

-330 cl of water

– 10.5 ounces (300 gr) of sugar

-4 Lemons (not chemically treated – if from organic agriculture, much better)


Start by taking the lemon peel, yellow part only. Be careful not to take the white part because the risk is that the Limoncello becomes bitter. Put the peel with alcohol to infuse for 20 days. Once 20 days have passed, heat the water with the sugar. Once that comes to a boil turn off the heat and let it cool. Next, mix the infusion of lemon with the sugar syrup. Then filter all together. Done! The Limoncello is ready. With this amount of ingredients… you will get about a liter of Limoncello.


Refrigerate before serving and in the freezer … and share it with your loved ones :-)


Thanks Aunt Maria!


Recipe sent by:  Maria from Rome



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