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Tagliolini with Yellow Pepper Sauce



Hi Foodies!


After such a success of the last pasta recipe, Mafi sent another one.  Really easy, fast and very tasty. This time you’ll see how the yellow pepper with an addition of Pecorino and Parmiggiano becomes an exceptional harmony of flavors. Fantastic! Enjoy it!




– 9 ounces (250 Gr) of dried egg pasta. In this case “tagliolini”.

– 1 Large yellow pepper (10.5 ounces/ 300 gr)

– 2 Tablespoons of Pecorino cheese (italian sheep cheese).

– 2 Tablespoons of Parmiggiano cheese

– 1 onion


Cut the onion and the pepper into small pieces. Take a pan, add a drop of oil and cook the onion with the yellow pepper.  Let it cook for about 15 minutes. While you cook it over low heat, cover the pan. Once the sauce is cooked, add the Pecorino cheese and the Parmiggiano cheese. If you prefer you can just use Parmiggiano or Pecorino (more tasty). Then, whip and blend everything together to create a nice and soft cream.


Meanwhile boil water with salt in a pot and cook the pasta. Dry pasta made with egg. Mafi has chosen the “tagliolini”.


If you prefer you can also use our beloved whole wheat pasta like fusilli or penne. The short pasta (not long as spaghetti or tagliatelle) blends perfectly with this type of sauce.


Once the pasta is done, put it in a pan with the sauce, cook it for a minute and let it blend all together. Ready to serve! Remember to put it in a nice way on the plate, although if it’s just for you. To cuddle and been cuddle is always great and important  😉


So, may the creativity be with you!


If the sauce is too much, take a part for the next day. Also you can freeze it and use it another day.


You will see how  easy and quick is this recipe. And the best: is that it’s sooooo good!


See you soon!


Recipe sent by: Mafi from Rome




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