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Little Red Riding Hood’s Strawberries



Hello everyone!

Here I am back with another recipe. Very simple! Really easy and handy. A good thing to do with your family because can be a lot of fun doing them, especially with children.

Little Red Riding Hood, one of the fairy tales of our childhood that talks about this girl that has lots of tasty things in the basket … also gorgeous red strawberries! Strawberries that , as the wolf, have a camouflage, made with chocolate in this case, so that you can say: to eat you better!! Are incredibly gourmand!!



-10/15 medium to large strawberries

– 7 ounces (200 Gr) of dark chocolate

– 7 ounces (200 Gr) of white chocolate

–  2 ounces(50 Gr) almonds cut into thin layers

* In the case that you do it with/for the children

– 7 ounces (200 Gr) milk chocolate instead of dark chocolate

– Also other types of fruits such as pear, banana, peach, apricot …


Take the strawberries, wash them well and dry them with a clean kitchen towel.

Take each chocolate and melt it (separately) in a bain-marie or, even easier and faster, in the microwave with low-medium temperature and checking every 30-40 seconds to control how it goes.

Once the strawberries and chocolates are ready. What are you waiting for to have fun? You have to take each strawberry by its green cap and dip them into the chocolate (dark or white). Once all the strawberries are covered with chocolate, place them in a tray with baking paper. Be sure that the tray can fit in the fridge!

If you want to decorate the strawberries with other chocolates (using the contrast between the white and the black chocolates) you have to wait for them to dry in the fridge.

Now! If you want some strawberries with a special touch, pass them over the almonds when the chocolate is still warm on the fruit. Warning! The result can be rough and ugly. So better if you take the almond lamina, one by one, and put them patiently on the choc strawberries. Don’t make too many strawberries like that. Better to make some of them, to add them in the final presentation with the other strawberries.

Put all the strawberries already glazed in the fridge and wait at least 15 minutes. Once the chocolate is dry, take the choc strawberries and do some more decoration. White choc on the dark choc and viceversa.

Back in the fridge … and ready to eat! as a dessert or as a snack with your children.

But that passion red of the strawberries and the sweetness and sensuality of the chocolate can, also, be the perfect combination for a romantic evening  😉



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